Launching WM Keeper Standard for the first time

Click Log In on the WebMoney website homepage.

Enter your login (which is the email address registered with your account), password and a captcha and click Enter.

When you log in to WM Keeper Standard (Mini) for the first time, you will notice that all sections of the menu are empty as there is no information yet to display about your activities. To start any operations, you need to create e-wallets (WM Purses). To create a purse, click on Create a purse.

Select a type of the WM Purse you would like to create. Accept the Terms of the Agreement and click Continue.

You will see a message that a WM Purse has been created successfully,

Or you may see a message saying that you need to apply for a WM-passport of a higher type or provide additional information about you.

You can also create WM purses of other types of currencies, to add a new purse click "+" in the Your Purses menu.

To fully utilise all features of the WebMoney system, read the instructions provided in the following article: WM Keeper Standard (Mini).

After the registration is completed, users of WM Keeper Standard (Mini) can add other methods of managing their WMIDs (accounts), such as WM Keeper WinPro (Classic), WM Keeper WebPro (Light).

You can find out more on how to add other management methods by reading the following articles:

Adding WM Keeper WinPro operating method to WM Keeper Standard
Adding WM Keeper WebPro operating method to WM Keeper Standard