Interface X19

Interface X19. Verifying personal information for the owner of a WM identifier.

This interface allows verifying the identity of information specified in a request with the personal information of a WebMoney Transfer user.

How to access the interface

The interface is accessible only to clients who have registered in the Megastock catalog in the following groups:
  1. Online exchange of electronic currencies
  2. Purchase/withdrawal of electronic currencies
  3. Mobile Communications

To access the interface, use a WMID registered on the Megastock catalog and the listed groups, or any WMID from the same passport. If you have only one WMID in your passport, you can attach an additional WMID to the passport and use it to access the X19 interface. If your application for registration on Megastock has still not been reviewed, indicate the WMID used to sign the requests in the userinfo/wmid parameter or authorize on the attestation center website using the WMID, and you will have the opportunity to test the X19 interface.

You can check the availability of access to X19 Interface on the page:

On this page you can also:

  • Entrust the access to X19 Interface to any WMID with Formal (or higher) passport (in case your WMID is registered in the Megastock catalogue in the groups mentioned above);
  • Obtain access to X19 Interface if you are an administrator of a Capitaller bugdet automation tool that is registered in the Megastock catalogue in the groups mentioned above).


Request format


Request parameters:

name purpose comments
reqn request number mandatory parameter, an integer without delimiter, max number of digits is 15; the value must always be greater than the number of the previous request
lang language request the optional parameter
ru - russian language (default value)
en - english language
signerwmid WMID of the user who signed the request mandatory parameter
operation information about the operation
operation/type type of operation mandatory parameter:
1 or cash - purchase/withdrawal of WM in cash at an exchange point.
2 or sdp - purchase/withdrawal of WM in cash through money transfer systems.
3 or bank - purchase/withdrawal of WM from/to a bank account.
4 or card - purchase/withdrawal of WM to a bank card.
5 or emoney - exchange of WM for other types of electronic currency.
6 or sms - Funding a WM-purse by SMS (operation/direction=2 only)
7 or mobile - Withdrawal of WM to a phone account - recharging a phone account (operation/direction=2 only)
8 or blockchain - exchange of WM for cryptocurrency - (operation/direction=1 only)
To use this verification switch all request to the address
https://apipassport.webmoney.ru/XMLCheckUser.aspx или https://apipassport.webmoney.ru/XMLCheckUserCert.aspx
operation/direction direction of the operations 1 or output - Funds withdrawal (default value)
2 or input - Top-up
for operation/type=6 it is permitted only to top-up the System, therefore only operation/direction=2 is allowed
for operation/type=7 it is permitted only to top-up the System, therefore only operation/direction=1 is allowed
operatoin/pursetype the type of WM purse from or to which the transfer is taking place mandatory parameter, may equal: WMZ, WMR, WME, WMU, WMB, WMX? WMK, WMG, WMV
operation/amount transfer amount mandatory parameter, floating point number (separated by a decimal point (.) ), for ten and a half this would be "10.5" (without the quotation marks). Insignificant trailing zeros and decimal points, if the number is an integer, should not be used. "10.5" and "9" are correct, while "10.50" and "9." are incorrect.
To withdrawal (operation/direction=1) must specify the amount to be deducted from the purse of the participant, excluding commissions WM, to top-up (operation/direction=2) must specify the amount to be "credited to the purse of the party system"
Attention! for operation=8 (exchange WEBMONEY for BTC or BСH) the transfer amount must be at least 0,001 BTC or 0.001 BСH
sign request signature mandatory parameter, formed from: //reqn + //operation/type + //userinfo/wmid; used only when authorizing using WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) keys
userinfo information about the WM user
userinfo/wmid user's WMID compulsory parameter
Attention! For all the operations you need to specify WMID of the member of the System that makes an input or output operation.
userinfo/pnomer passport number mandatory for operation=1
userinfo/fname user's last name mandatory for operation=1, 2, 3, 4
userinfo/iname user's first name mandatory for operation=1, 2, 3, 4
userinfo/bankname bank name mandatory for operation=3, 4
userinfo/bank_account bank account number mandatory for operation=3
userinfo/card_number bank card number mandatory for operation=4
userinfo/emoney_name payment system name mandatory for operation=5
emoney_name=paypal.com for PayPal
emoney_name=skrill.com for Skrill
emoney_name=alipay.com for Alipay
emoney_name=qiwi.ru for QIWI Applet
emoney_name=money.yandex.ru for Yandex.Money
QIWI and Yandex.Money purses are 'linked' to a WMID via https://banks.webmoney.ru/Default.aspx?lang=en-US service
PayPal, Skrill, Alipay accounts should be registered in passport via Passport Service: https://passport.wmtransfer.com/asp/aUserInfoPlus.asp
userinfo/emoney_id user ID for the payment system mandatory for operation=5
userinfo/phone phone number mandatory for operation=6 and =7
mobile phone number should be specified in international format
the format is: country code + operator code + number, without '0' and '00'
e.g.: 79101010101
userinfo/crypto_name crypto name mandatory for operation=8
crypto_name=bitcoin for Bitcoin
crypto_name=bitcoincash for Bitcoin Cash
Attention! for operation=8 (exchange WEBMONEY for BTC or BСH) the transfer amount must be at least 0,001 BTC or 0.001 BСH
For exchange WEBMONEY to BTC, you need to use a BTC-address associated with your X-purses in WEBMONEY. To know your BTC-address on the site https://wmx.wmtransfer.com/Home/TopUp
For exchange WEBMONEY to BСH, you need to use a BСH-address associated with your H-purses in WEBMONEY. To know your BСH-address on the site https://wmh.wmtransfer.com/Home/TopUp
userinfo/crypto_address address to get cryptocurrencies mandatory for operation=8
  • Response format:

Response parameters:

name purpose comments
retval execution code 0 - request successful, the information given in the request matches the information for the user's WM passport, other values mean that an error occurred for the request
2 - signerwmid has no access to the interface
403 - request for userinfo/wmid member information is impossible
404 - specified parameters don't correspond with userinfo/wmid member
405 - userinfo/wmid member should obtain Formal (or higher) passport
406 - request for Capitaller budget automation tools information is impossible
407 - userinfo/wmid member of the System should upload a colour copy of all significant pages of his identity card to https://passport.wmtransfer.com/asp/Upload.asp and wait till it is verified
408 - funds withdrawal to the specified payment card is not allowed for userinfo/wmid member, see http://wiki.wmtransfer.com/projects/webmoney/wiki/Bank_card_verification
409 - 7 days since userinfo/wmid registered to the System have not yet passed
410 - 7 days since userinfo/wmid the changed of passport number have not yet passed
411 - you need to create a WMX-purse, clarify on wmx.wmtransfer.com corresponding to this purse Bitcoin address and use it to exchange WEBMONEY to Bitcoin
415 - userinfo/wmid member should check his phone number, see https://passport.wmtransfer.com/asp/mobilever.asp
416 - it's impossible to recharge the account of the specified mobile phone
417 - it's impossible to recharge the account of the specified mobile phone
418 - it's impossible to recharge the account of the specified mobile phone, exceeded limit for this phone
419 - it's impossible to recharge the account of the specified mobile phone, limit exceeded for sender
420 - this operation is available only for citizens of the Russian Federation
421 - withdrawal on Bank cards from USD purses to residents of the European Economic Area are not available
422 - withdrawal on Bank cards from WME purses is available only to residents of the European Economic Area
427 - incorrect phone number (the number of incorrect length)
428 - the phone number must be specified in international format (with country code)
451 - this payment system is not supported in this interface
452 - member ID is specified incorrectly
499 - requests limit exceeded
500-unknown error
retdesc description of execution code
retid answer ID unique answer ID generated each time the interface is used
userinfo/iname user's first name returned when retval=0
userinfo/oname user's patronymic returned when retval=0

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