Interface X16

Interface X16. Creating a purse.

This interface is available only to registered clients. To register send via internal mail a message to "WMID 941977853154":wmk:msgto?to=941977853154&subject= (Technical support) containing short information about your project, URL of your web-site, IP address from which requests will be sent, purpose and method to be used for the interface. The Keeper signing the requests must have personal passport (requests can be processed up to 3 working days).

This interface allows creating a new purse with the specified name and type.

  • Request parameters:
name purpose comments
reqn Request number An integer, maximum 15 digits; This value must always be greater than the number of the previous request.
wmid Signer's WMID Is used only with WM Keeper WinPro authorization method
sign Request signature It takes the following parameters: createpurse/wmid+createpurse/pursetype+reqn Is used only with WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) authorization method
createpurse Parameters of the created purse
createpurse\wmid WMID of the purse WM-identifier, which the created purse will belong to. Actually this WM-identifier must be the same as the identifier passed in the wmid tag of the identifier signing the request, as a purse can be created only for the identifier signing the request; it is impossible to work with the interface by trust.
createpurse\pursetype Purse type Type of the created purse as one Latin character in upper case B ,C ,D ,E ,G ,R ,U ,Y ,Z.
createpurse\desc Purse name Text name of the purse, which will be displayed in the Webmoney Keeper WinPro or Light interface.
  • Response format:
    <purse id="n">
  • Response parameters:
name purpose comments
reqn Request number
retval Execution code 0 - request successful, the interface returns the same error codes as Interface X2 does, except specific for this interface errors listed below
retdesc Description of execution code
purse parameters of the created purse 'id' attribute - unique purse number in the WebMoney system
purse\pursename Purse number
purse\amount Amount on the purse
purse\desc Purse name
  • List of errors specific for the interface (retval):
code description
15 Internal error of purse creation
31 There can be only one purse of the specified type
44 This WM-identifier was refused to create a purse of this type
48 It is not allowed to create a purse of this type for residents of your country
1007 Too many purses created for the WMID. Current limitation is 100 purses for a WMID.

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