Installing root certificate in Opera

When establishing a secure connection with one of the WebMoney Transfer services (for example Opera shows a warning similar to the one shown on the picture below then you have to install WM Transfer root certificate.

To do this download the certificate and save it to your hard disk or launch it from the current place.

If you launched the certificate file, then you will see the Import key and certificate window (see next).

If you saved the certificate to the hard disk, go to the Tools menu select the Preferences... option and switch to the Advanced tab.

Then select the Security menu and press the "Manage Certificates..." button.

In the "Certificate Manager" window switch to the Authorities tab and press the "Import..." button.

Search for the saved certificate file on the hard disk and press the "Open" button.


Before installing the certificate press the "View..." button.

We recommend clearing the selection (not selecting) of the Warn me before using this certificate check box, otherwise when establishing a secure connections you will have to make several 'extra' mouse clicks.

So just clear the last check box and press the "OK" button.

Press "OK" again.

To check the correctness of your actions go to the Certificate Manager window, switch to the Authorities tab and look for the root certificate you have just installed in the end of the list. Select it and click on “View”.

Verify that the certificate is valid and its validity period ends 03/10/2035

Close all windows and check the certificate is working by establishing a secure connection with the Verification Centre

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