IP Blocking

After IP blocking is enabled WM Keeper WinPro and WM Keeper WebPro can be run only from computers whose IP addresses fall within the IP range you have specified.

IP blocking can be configured on the Blocking page of the Security service at https://security.wmtransfer.com.

If your Keeper attempts to connect to the WM servers from an unauthorized IP address a message containing unblocking instructions will be sent to the email you specified in your settings.

You can also receive the unblocking code on your mobile phone. If you have enabled this option after WM Keeper has been blocked a link to the page for entering the unblocking code will be emailed to you. The code, in turn, will be sent to the mobile phone as an SMS message.

In the blocking settings it is recommended that you specify an email address that is different from the email you specified during registration of your WMID.

You can enter the list of allowed IP addresses yourself. If your ISP provides you with a dynamic IP address for Internet access, you should either get your address and subnet mask from your provider's technical support, or else go with the information the service's website suggests (it automatically calculates this information based on your current IP address).

If you receive the message “Attempt to enter from a blocked address” it means that you have enabled IP blocking on https://security.wmtransfer.com and that your IP address has changed and is currently not in the list of allowed IP addresses. See more details in Attempt to enter from the blocked IP-address.