INDX Internet-Exchange

INDX Internet-Exchange ( is a platform for trading notes - derivatives, the underlying asset of which are shares of Russian and foreign companies, as well as popular crypto currencies.

INDX is a trading platform with direct access. A registered Trader is able to conduct operations of purchase and sale of the instruments without intermediaries (brokers). The exchange does not directly participate in transactions, does not carry out clearing, but provides the parties with a technical opportunity for guaranteed execution of the transaction.

The note corresponds to the part of the underlying asset and usually has a low face value (WMZ). For some instruments, shoulder trading options and short sales within a day are implemented. The owners of the notes, the underlying assets of which accrued dividends are entitled to receive them.

The exchange does not charge any commissions, neither for transactions nor for servicing the account. The participant has to pay only once - standard fee of WebMoney (0,8%) with the replenishment of the trading account.

The exchange operates automatically, around the clock with a technical break from 23:45 to 00:00 Central European time (CET), or from 1:45 to 2:00 Moscow time.

Due to the low denominations of notes traded on the exchange and the absence of commissions, INDX exchange is an effective learning resource for novice traders, and also allows experienced traders to work out their trading strategies with minimal losses.

The exchange supports Software interfaces INDX for automated interaction with it.

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