How to top up WMZ wallet from a bank card in WebMoney Keeper Standard

To top up the WMZ-wallet with a bank card, you need to perform the following actions:

1. Login to WM Keeper Standard
In the main menu of WebMoney Keeper, select WMZ-wallet, which will be credited.

2. In the wallet menu, click the "Refill "button.

then select "from a bank card".

3. Specify the amount to be credited, but not less than 3 WMZ. Enter your credit card details (number, expiration date and CVC2/CVV2 code) and click "Continue" button.

4. Click "Continue" button.

5. If you have a card with 3D-Secure technology, you must confirm the transaction by the established method

6. If the operation is completed successfully, you will receive a notification as shown in the screenshot:

Information about the receipt of funds will be reflected in WebMoney Keeper

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