How to top-up a bank card via Telepay service

Personal accounts charging service ( allows users to withdraw funds from their purses to the MASTERCARD or VISA cards of any bank.

  • in rubles (RUR);
  • in dollars (USD) or euros (EUR);
  • in hryvnias (UAH).

Amount of withdrawing funds is limited and depends on the user’s passport in WebMoney system. A fee is charged for each transaction. You can use both interfaces: through the website or the mobile application.

General order of card top-up looks according to the following steps:

1 Go to Telepay service, in the section "Credit repayments" click on "Card topup";

2 Choose Top-up currency. Indicate a card number, top-up amount and click on "Pay" button.

3 Afterward you will be redirected on the Merchant service page. Approve the payment using E-num or SMS confirmation;

4 You will be notified about the payment being successfully done on the Merchant service page;

5 You will be also notified on the Telepay service page;

In the "My payment" section you can look through all the details of the payment.