How to set up your Windows 7 to work with GAUS-client

The manual is out of date

Your Windows 7 may block peripheral devices (including the GAUS.Client). In this case you have to disable the "Windows Biometric Servic"e and install device drivers.

} Disable the Windows Biometric Service

Open "Control Panel"

Then the "System and security" tab

Select "Administrative Tools"

"Open Services"

Select the "Windows Biometric Service" and double click it

Select Disabled in "Startup" type and click "Stop"

1 Install UPEK drivers

*- Download the drivers from here-

* Unzip drivers to your hard disk

Click Win+Pause, select "Properties and Device Manager"

Double click the biometric device

Select the "Driver" tab and click "Update driver"

Browser for driver software and install it

Once the GAUS Client driver software is installed, the device will be working correctly.