How to link the social network account in WM Keeper Standard

All users of WebMoney Keeper Standard have the opportunity to operate with WebMoney Transfer system using their social networks accounts.

By attaching a social network account to their WMID, system participants will be able to login their wallet, as well as other services of the WebMoney system via social networks without the need to enter a login and password.

Currently implemented the ability to link the following social networks and popular services:Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Google+,, Yandex, Yahoo!, Windows Live, ICQ, Twitter, LinkedIn.

To link a social network account, you need to do following:

1. Log in to "WM Keeper Standard": using your login and password.

2. Go to" Settings"menu item, select "Linked accounts".

Choose the relevant social network in the list and set the switch to active mode.

3. Agree with your intention to link your account and pass authorization using the selected social network.

4. If the operation is successful, you will receive a notification as shown in the picture below:

The next login to your WMID you can perform both using the login and password, and the linked account of the social network by clicking on the appropriate icon on the login page in WM Keeper Standard .

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