How to get access to WM Keeper Standard registered via social network

This manual reviews the following cases:

How to get access to WM Keeper Standard registered via social network in case of suspension (without a possibility to unlock it) or removal of your personal page in a social network while there are funds kept on WM-purses?

Mistakes that are frequently made while logging in to this type of WM Keeper Standard and how to avoid making them.

Getting access if the account in a social network is suspended or removed.

To get access to WM Keeper (registered via social network, or one of WebMoney web-applications for Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki or Facebook) you have to do the following:

If you already have another WMID and access to it, this step can be skipped.

If you don't have access to this alternative WMID, you should pass the access recovery procedure that starts on the page: (only if the alternative WMID is registered by means of WM Keeper WinPro or WM Keeper WebPro).

  • Get the Personal passport for the primary or newly registered WMID. You can learn the procedure of Personal passport issuance here: Personal passport issuance procedure
  • After having got the Personal passport, you should file a complaint on the Arbitration service website with a comment "Disputing the ownership of a WMID".
  • Specify the WMID you want to restore in the "WMID" field.
  • Now you should wait until the claim is processed.

Mistaken actions that members of the System can make while restoring access to WM Keeper Standard for social networks (having access to the social network that was used to register).

You should NOT do the following to restore access:

  • Restore the password by following the link "Restore password", for there are now password for this type of WM Keeper. Only the data of your social network account is used to log in to WM Keeper.
  • Start the access recovery procedure on the page:

Note that you launch this type of WM Keeper by logging in to a social network (e.g., Facebook etc.) You can learn the details in the following manual: Logging in to WM Keeper Standard from a social network

To restore login and password of your social network account, use the manuals present on help pages of the corresponding social networks.