How to add new contacts and send messages in WM Keeper Standard

How to add a new contact to the contact list

1 Click "Contacts" - "Add contact" (icon "+") in your account.

Type WMID or email of your partner or friend. Type the captcha and click "More"

Enter the contact's name and click "More"

2 If you enable confirmation of transactions via E-num or confirmation of transactions via SMS, then this operation (add correspondent) will require confirmation too. Choose confirmation method and click "More".

3 The user will be added to your contact list

Please note that if you change the operation mode for your WMID from WM Keeper Standard to a full functional Keeper type, contacts will be imported automatically from WM Keeper WinPro and WM Keeper WebPro.

How to send messages

Go to the "Contacts" tab. Choose a contact in the contact list, type the message text and click "Send Message" button