How to accept Keeper Mobile payments via the Web Merchant Interface

How to accept WM Keeper Mobile ( payments via Web Merchant Interface.

For the customer payment via the WM Keeper Mobile service looks as follows:

  • During the purchasing process on the merchant's site the customer clicks the "Send Money form" button. It redirects them to the Merchant.Webmoney website.
  • On the Merchant.Webmoney website the customer goes through the authorization process by choosing WM Keeper Mobile ( as a payment method and enters their full mobile phone number(including country and area code).
  • Then the Customer receives a text message (SMS) message containing a 4digit payment code.
  • On the page next to the authorization, the Customer types in the code received in the message and confirms the payment.
  • As a result funds are transferred from the Customer's WM Keeper Mobile Account (or a purse, connected to it) to the Merchant.
  • At the end the customer is redirected to the page containing information about the transaction (success or failure).

From the Merchant's point of view, payment transferred from a phone registered with the Keeper Mobile service ( differs a bit from the ordinary payment made via Merchant.Webmoney or WM Keeper WinPro:

  • Payments come to the merchant’s purse either from the Customer's WM purse which was assigned to the customer's phone or from the special WM purse registered specially and only for the given customer during his registration process with Keeper Mobile (
  • All payment notifications, data transmission formats are the same as in ordinary payments using WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) or Light. Also payment notifications(result, success, failure) still contain client WM-IDs and WM purse numbers.
  • Payment notifications (result, success, failure) receive 2 new properties - clients phone number and unique payment number through the WM Keeper Mobile ( to Merchant.Webmoney. The Merchant can use these properties for their own purposes, e.g. to return funds back to the customer using their phone number instead of their WM purse number.

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