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This Wikipedia page is dedicated to WebMoney Transfer.

Here we publish all the useful information about WebMoney Transfer: what WebMoney Transfer is, who and why you should use it as well as any technical, legal, economic, financial and other important information about WebMoney Transfer and its services. Each user can find here the exact information that they need.

You can also find answers to your questions about WebMoney Transfer on the official WebMoney web-site on the FAQ page.

For your convenience articles are divided into the following categories:
All categories, About the system, Accepting payments, Certification, Credits, Currencies, How to add funds, How to withdraw, Mac OS, Q&A, Registration, Safari, Security, System services, Verification, WM Keeper WinPro, WM Keeper WebPro, WM Keeper Standard, WM Keeper Mobile, WebMoney Advisor, XML-Interfaces

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