Frequently asked questions about the WMP purses

Where can I read about the WMP Agreement?

This information is available here

Can I top up my P-purse and withdraw money from it via the Fast Payment System?

Yes, you can. It is the most profitable and convenient way to deposit / withdraw funds from to/ your P-purse.

I am not a Russian Federation citizen, can I create a P-purse?

For the Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries citizens, is possible to create a P-purse after complete the full identification process. For completing the full identification - get (or update) a Personal passport from one of the WebMoney system Registrars.

Can I create a P-purse with an Alias passport?

Alias Passport owner cannot create a P-purse. It is enough to get a Formal passport for Russian Federation citizen, but citizens of other countries need a Personal passport to create a P-purse.

Is there any commission for transferring funds from the R-purse to the P-purse?

If you transfer funds from R to P initiating a transfer using the website no commission will charged.

When transferring funds between the P-purses, will the commission of 0.8% be charged?


What ways are existing to withdraw money from the P-purse?

Funds can be withdrawn from P-purses in many ways: to a bank card, a bank account (at standard bank rates without intermediaries), to other payment systems electronic wallets, etc.
The fastest and most profitable way is to withdraw via the Fast Payment System.

Если мне переводят средства с карты Сбербанка по номеру телефона, то я получу их на WMP-кошелек?

При переводе по номеру телефона через СБП (Система Быстрых Платежей), средства поступят на P-кошелек.

How many P-purses can I create?

One System member can have only one P-purse, regardless of the number of WMID’s.

How can I top up a P-purse via the payment terminal if it accepts purse numbers starting only with the letter «R»?

If the payment terminal does not allow you to specify P as the first character, specify the R character. In any case, the funds will be credited to your purse, regardless of which first character is indicated, P or R. The main thing is not to confuse in the numbers.

Is it possible to exchange the WMZ/WME to the WMP and vice versa?

Automatic exchange is possible in the WM Keeper purse menu, as well as on the Exchanger Service

What WMP-purse limits (monthly, weekly, daily and for the balance) are for the Formal passport?

The limits are determined by the level of your identification in the Conservative Commercial Bank, and not in the WebMoney system. You can see it in your personal account on the site .
For the simplified identification maximum balance is 60,000, monthly turnover is 200,000, and maximum one-time payment to another P-purse is 60,000.
For the full identification maximum balance is 600,000 and maximum one-time payment to another P-purse is 600,000.
Monthly top-up limit: for the simplified identification - 200 000 WMP; for the full identification- 3 000 000 WMP.

Is it necessary to pass any additional verification on the side of the issuing purse bank?

If you want to raise the limits to 600,000 for maximum balance and 3,000,000 monthly turnover, - yes, you need to complete the full identification in the Conservative Commercial Bank (with a personal appearance in one of Bank offices or visiting one of its representatives) in accordance with the instruction here

Is it possible to accept funds from the other System members to my P-pusre through the Merchant WebMoney Transfer service?

Yes. The Merchant WebMoney Transfer service allows you to automate the receipt of funds also to the P-purse. The automated reception settings can be made here

Is it possible to move my P-purse to my another WMID?

If you have multiple WMIDs, you can attach the P-purse to one of them. To move your P-purse from one your WMID to another, you need to have a WMP-purse balance less than 1.01 .
Then you need to move your P-purse to the archive, enter in your other WMID and create a P-purse, and a P- purse with the same number will appear.