Enabling additional login methods in WM Keeper Standard

The manual is out of date

To enable additional login methods in WM Keeper Standard (Mini), you will need to do the following.

} After authorization on the site using your login and password, go to the "Settings" page. Once there, go to the "Security" section, find the "Login types" option and click the (edit) button.

} Select the necessary option in the "Login methods" window and click the ">>" sign opposite the method you are adding.

If you choose "E-num", click "Get" in the next window.

WM Keeper Standard (Mini) will show a challenge number.

Launch the E-num client on your mobile device and open the "Authorization" menu. Enter the challenge number you received through WM Keeper Standard (Mini).
Once you get a response number in the E-num client, enter it into the "Response number" field on the WM Keeper Standard (Mini) site and click "Ок".

Once the authorization is successfully completed, you will see that the "E-num" method has been successfully enabled.

} If you select the "Fingerprint" option (you need to click the ">>" sign), you will see the following window. Click the "Get" button.

and wait for a prompt.

Slide your finger over the scanner. WM Keeper Standard (Mini) will let you know about successful fingerprint processing and recognition. Click "OK"

and enable another login method for your keeper.