Terms (WikiWords)

Terms (WikiWords) represent links to the corresponding articles. To create a WikiWord (term), enclose it with double square brackets: [[ ]]. It is not recommended to create terms longer than 3-4 words. Punctuation marks (except hyphens) are not allowed in term names.

WikiWords: [[WMZ]], [[Purse]], [[Currency exchange]];

NOT a WikiWord: [[gold, diamonds]]

If you want to insert the term in a different case or use a synonym then use the following method:

[[WM card|WM-card]] - Buy WM-card


[[WMID|WM-identifier]] - Specify WM-identifier

When editing articles you can:

When adding/editing articles you can use HTML-markup but it is better to use so-called Textile markup. Editing hints are located to the right of the edit field (in the corresponding mode).
You can find advanced tips here.

Text formatting



%{color:red}Red text color%Red text color

%{background:#88f}Blue background%Blue background

"Link text":http://www.ruLink text

*"Link text":http://www.ru*Link text


For automatic numbering you can use the '#' sign in the beginning of the line:

# Advantages
# Drawbacks
  1. Advantages
  2. Drawbacks

For "nice" numbering, for exampe in a step-by-step instructions use:

<nowiki>1 </nowiki>First step

1 First step.

Special symbols

Web(TM), Money(R), Transfer(C) → Web(TM), Money(R), Transfer(C)

<nowiki>==# TODO==</nowiki> → # TODO

&#35; TODO → # TODO

Uploading images or files

At present moment, there is a size limit for the uploaded file - 100 KBytes.

To upload an image to a page, you have to specify in the edited text the following: [[file_name.jpg:pic]]
Then, after saving the page, click the created link to upload the image.

For other files (not images), the link must look like: [[file_name.doc:file]]

Inserting source code

To insert source code on a page, you need to enclose it by the <pre>...</pre> tag.
This will look like this:

# Source code is highlighted in this way
function Hello( ) {
  print "Hello, world!";

Including content of an article

[[!include WMZ]] will include the whole WMZ article

See also Terms, WikiWords