E-num client for Java

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The Java version of the E-num mobile client is intended for regular mobile phones. Its only requirement is the presence of Java MIDP 2.0 on your phone. This technology was released in 2002 and the overwhelming majority of phones today fully support it. The application consists of two files. One of them has a .JAD (Java Application Descriptor) extension and contains the data necessary for installing the client on a phone. The other file has a .JAR (Java Archive) extension and contains the mobile client installer. You can get the mobile client during your registration in E-num when restoring an E-num account or in your personal account at if you have access to it.

h4. Table of contents:
* Installing the E-num client
* Launching the application
* Description of the client menu
* Authorization
* Payment
* QR code
* Settings

h4(#1). Installing the E-num client

You have several options for downloading the mobile client. On the whole installation of the E-num client is no different from the installation of all other mobile Java applications.

* Open the SMS message you received and follow the link it contains. The installation of the mobile client will start automatically. Please note that your phone must have a properly working GPRS data connection for this installation option (GPRS-WAP will not suffice).

* You can also download the client by clicking the link on the corresponding site page or in an email message sent to your address. Once done, upload the files to your mobile phone or use a special program for installing the application on your phone. Depending on your phone model, start the JAR or JAD file file and install the program by following instructions on the screen of your mobile phone.

h4(#2). Launching the application.

Open the list of installed Java programs on your phone, find EnumClient and launch it. You will see the first start window that will prompt you for the activation code sent to you in a text message. Please be careful while entering the code - the work of the program will depend on it. Once you have entered the activation code you will see the main menu of the E-num client. You will not need to enter the activation code when you start the program the next time.

h4(#3). Description of the client menu

h4(#4). Authorization.

The Authorization command is intended for receiving a number-answer in the regular mode - for instance for authorization on sites, for opening WM Keeper and so forth. Open this menu and enter a number-question that will be displayed in the program or on the site.

After you enter a number-question, you will see a number-answer on the menu. You will need to specify it on the site or in the Keeper to complete the authorization procedure.

h4(#5). Payment

At this stage you need to get a number-answer with the payment parameters when transferring funds through the Keeper or through any site in the system. Specify all the necessary parameters - number-answer, the number of the recipient's WM-purse (without the currency index letters, just the numbers), the payment amount and click the "Receive" button. Please note that integer and decimal/centesimal parts of the payment amount (cents, etc) should be entered into different fields (see the screenshot below), so entering an amount with a centesimal part delimited with a comma or a full stop will result in an incorrect number-answer being generated.

The amount you receive should be inserted in the Keeper or on the site to complete the authorization process and the money transfer.

h4(#6). QR code

This menu is intended for fast authorization in the E-num client without entering any parameters. The number-answer is obtained by scanning a special QR code (2D barcode) shown during E-num authorization with the E-num client. The barcode contains the parameters required for obtaining the necessary number-answer. When making a payment or performing authorization on the site using E-num wait for a QR code to appear on the screen and choose this menu item in your mobile E-num client. This will open the standard camera application on your mobile phone. Locate the QR code in the camera viewfinder and press OK. E-num will then generate and show an answer-number that you will need to enter into a corresponding field for getting authorized on a site or transferring funds.
To use this functionality you do not need to install any third-party software on your phone. Everything is done by the E-num client itself. For fast and reliable recognition of QR codes you will need a phone with a 2.0 megapixel or better camera and (preferably) an auto-focus feature.

h4(#7). Settings

This section describes various settings and parameters of the E-num client.

* Application password. For extra protection of your client you can set an additional password that users will have to enter to start the application.

* Activation code. Identical to the first start window, that is, you can use it to specify the activation code initially received in an SMS message. This may be required if you suddenly start receiving incorrect number-answers or made a mistake entering the activation code during the first start of the client.

* Start window. This is where you can select the menu shown by default when you start the client application - Main menu, Authorization or Payment.

* Screen width. This setting allows you to specify the width of your phone's screen - up to 240px, 240 - 480px or over 480px. Please refer to your phone manual to find this parameter or use the Internet. In order for the settings to be applied you need to restart the client. Screen width is not a mandatory setting as the application should automatically detect the correct value and adjust its interface.

* Recipient's purse. If you often transfer funds to the same recipient using E-num authorization or you need to make a series of payments to the same recipient the application can memorize the number of the purse used during the precious transfer. In this case you will not need to enter it again in the Payment menu - the number will be automatically pasted there by default. Select Yes to enable this option.

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