E-num Client for Windows Mobile

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h2. Installation of the E-num client

Download the E-num client files for Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) from the E-num site.

Install the file to your device. You can do this by copying the distribution .cab application file to your device and launching it in the Windows Mobile OS. You may also connect your device to your computer and use ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (on Windows Vista and later) to install it.

Before installing the E-num client on old versions of Windows Mobile, install the .NET Compact Framework.

h2. Connecting your E-num account

} Launch the installed application, enter the activation code and press "OK" on the lower half of the screen.

<i>If you have forgotten or last your activation code, you will need to undergo the restoration procedure for the E-num client.</i>

} If the activation code was entered correctly, the application will be ready for use.

} The application can function in three different modes: site login, payment confirmation and application settings.

You can switch between modes using the "Menu" button on the lower left-hand part of the screen.

} In order to receive the response number, complete the appropriate fields.

The "*<*" button deletes the last entered symbol (Backspace). The "*С*" button clears the current entry field.

The program will offer to save the purse numbers entered while in "payment confirmation" mode. Previously saved numbers can be deleted in the application settings.

} It is recommended to set a password for application access in the settings. This password must be entered every time to open the E-num client.

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