Configuring Opera

1 Install the WebMoney Transfer root certificate.

2 Set a general security level for sites. To do so go to "Preferences..." in the "Tools" menu. In the opened window switch to the "Advanced" tab and then go to the "Content" section. Mark the checkboxes as shown:

3 Then create a list of trusted sites for which the security settings support active content loading (JavaScript, Java). To this end, on the same page click "Manage Site Preferences..." and then the "Add..." button.

Add to the list of trusted sites the following WebMoney servers:

For each site apply the following settings:
  • In the "Content" tab:

  • In the "Scripting" tab:

If necessary you can add to this list by right-clicking on the site page which you want to add as a trusted site select the "Edit Site Preferences..." option and specify necessary parameters.

4 In the next step go to the "Security" section (in the "Preferences" window , then the "Advanced" tab). Select the checkboxes as shown in the picture below, and then click the "Set Master Password..." button.

and specify a security password.

This master password will protect you from unauthorized access to passwords saved in the browser and personal certificates with private keys when using WM Keeper WebPro (Light).

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