Bank card verification

For what kind of operations needed to check Bank card

Verification is required:

Verification is not required when withdrawing funds to bank payment cards via Telepay personal account payment service and

Verified Bank cards

A bank payment card is considered verified if:

  • photocopy (scan) of the nominal Bank card is checked by Verification Center
  • the bank card is issued by WebMoney Cards service

A list of all verified Bank cards can be found on the Verification center website. The checked cards are marked in this list with a special color and an icon.

Verification of a named bank card

Verification of the nominal bank card is made for the owners of formal (or higher) certificates. If you do not have a formal certificate - get it .

The verification algorithm:

- provide the details for your bank card (card number and card type);
- upload a colour scan or photo of the front side of your bank card, as well as upload a colour scanned copy of all of your significant passport pages (if this has not been done previously); Don't upload the back of the card (with your signature and CVV2 code). This is not necessary for verification. Attention! If the CVV\CVV2 code is on the same side as the card number, cover the code with something opaque when scanning.
- wait for verification to finish; generally this takes 1 to 2 working days.After verification the WebMoney user will be notified by email and internal WM mail.

Verification of the non-name Bank card

Verification of non-name bank cards is not performed. Withdraw funds to such cards is made via the personal account payment service and