Automatic provision of loans

Participants of the WebMoney Transfer system have an opportunity to receive instant loans in the Debt Service automatically. To receive such loans, you should agree to the terms of the trust limit from WMID 629028366740, the offer from which is located on the page Application-> Borrow.

An instant automatic loan can be received by system participants with Formal WM-Passport and above and the business level of more than 15 points.

Parameters of the trust limit, such as the loan amount (no more than 300 WMT), term and percentage, are calculated individually for each participant and depend from a different parameters, including:

business level value of the participant's WMID;
• a questionnaire completed by the borrower and confirmed by other participants of the system;
• verified data in WM-Passport, including the actual address of residence

To get an instant loan you need:

  • accept the trust limit from WMID 629028366740;
  • take a loan under an open credit line.

To accept the trust limit from the automatic service, go to and select the following offer:

In this window you will see a loan offer. Carefully study the terms and conditions (maximum loan amount, term, interest rate) and, if you agree with them, click "Accept the Offer":

Next, you need to confirm your intention by clicking the «I agree» button.

In the next window, you need to enter the confirmation code received in the sms-message in the appropriate field and click the “Check” button.

After that, the automatic loan service opens a credit line for you and you can use funds at any time on the terms you have accepted.

In order to get a loan immediately, you need to click the “Get Credit” button

in the next window and specify the amount, the refund period and your purse for receiving funds in the form that opens below.

The amount and the period should not exceed the maximum values specified in the trust limit. Next, you need to click the “receive funds” button.

In the next window you will be asked to accept the "Agreement for the Loan of Title Units"

and then register the debt obligations on the Paymer service website. Please note that debt obligations are registered in the double amount. The double amount of obligations is necessary in cases where the repayment of the loan is made at the expense of other limits open to the borrower.

Then enter the code received in the SMS message in the appropriate field and click "Confirm input".

After registering the obligations, the borrowed funds will be transferred to your purse, and will be made a record about this in the Debt Service in the section I trust--Loans.