Authorization service

WebMoney Login authorization service is designed for WebMoney Transfer users authentication both on WebMoney Transfer web-sites and on web-sites of its users.

WebMoney Login service uses the temporary (session) password, which is valid only during the user's session and is called an authorization ticket.
Each time a user logs into a site, the service issues an authorization ticket to the user and transfers it together with other parameters to the page of the web-site that has requested an authorization. The page that receives user information verifies the ticket and performs required actions, for example - grants access to the restricted resources.

The services supports the following WebMoney Transfer user authentication methods:

A regular user can use the following options:

  1. to control the creation and expiration time of authorization tickets, and also the names of web-sites that require such tickets, and IP-addresses of the authorized users (see section Active logins
  2. to configure login settings for WM Keeper (see section User settings)
    • IP - allows authorization only from allowed IP-addresses, when IP Blocking is enabled.
    • Online - allows authorization only when WM Keeper is Online.

WebMoney Login service enables developers and Web-masters to install authorization system on their web-site without connecting to cryptographic libraries. With this service you can adjust the following authorization settings:

  1. the name of the web-site; allowed authentication methods;
  2. the addresses of pages, where tickets should be verified;
  3. the list of active authorization tickets, and also login history on the web-site;
  4. the list of trusted web-sites;
  5. the password and the encryption key settings.

Service web-site:

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