Authorization in WM Keeper WebPro via login and password

You can log in to WM Keeper Web Pro (Light) by specifying the WM ID and password set by the user in the program settings.

There are two ways to enable "login and password” authorization method in WM Keeper WebPro (Light):

Enabling the "Login and password” authorization method using a personal certificate.

Log in to WM Keeper WebPro using your Х.509 certificate

Then in "Settings" - "WebMoney Keeper settings", below the "Security" tab mark the "Login and password" checkbox and click "Save" button.

You’ll be notified that the settings has been successfully changed.

Enabling "Login and password" authorization method via E-num

To enable "Login and password" authorization method when using E-num, you need to perform the following actions:

Open WM Keeper WebPro login page and choose "E-num" from the authorization methods list.

Specify the email address that you used to create the E-num account and to log in to your WMID.

Click "Send SMS" button. After that an SMS containing the confirmation code will be sent to your phone number registered in the E-num service.

Enter the code and click "Next" button

Set the password considering the requirements listed on the page.

Once the operation is completed, you will receive a notification as shown on the picture below:

Authorization in WM Keeper WebPro (WM Keeper Light) via login and password

To authorize in WM Keeper WebPro (WM Keeper Light) via login and password open web-site, choose "Login and password" from the available authorization methods. Enter your WMID and password. When authorizing via login and password, you can confirm this operation with SMS, by ticking the corresponding checkbox. Click "Login" button. If it wasn’t done, each transaction will require a confirmation via SMS or E-NUM.

Enter the code received in the SMS and click "Next" button

After checking the correctness of the data you will be logged in to WM Keeper Web Pro (Light).

However, if you logged in to WM Keeper Web Pro via "login and password" without confirming it with SMS,

you will need to confirm each transaction via SMS or E-NUM.

When SMS-confirmation of transactions is enabled, the minimum WebMoney fee increases to 0.05 WMZ (or its equivalent in another currency).