Address verification

Documents, accepted for address verification

Utility bill

Provide for verification copy of a utility bill:

  • Maintenance bill
  • Gas bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Landline phone bill

Bank statement

Apply to your bank personally, get a bank statement on paper and provide copy of this document for address verification. Bank statement from credit cards are not accepted for address verification.

Document, issued by the government or other competent institutions

For verification of your residence address you can provide a document, issued by local authorities, government and other competent institutions.

For example, Meldebescheinigung for residents of BRD , Austria , Switzerland and Luxemburg .

Tax document

If you got any document from the tax office, which contains your address and full name, provide a copy of this document.

Document requirements

A document for address verification should be issued within the last 6 months, it should contain your full last, fist and middle name as well as your postal address.

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