Additional registration

Registered WebMoney users may have several WMID numbers associated with their passport and controlled by different WM Keeper applications.

The additional registration procedure is intended for creating new WMID's and purses based on existing registration information.

To register a new WM Keeper follow the link

Also, if you register on this page, then after checking for the presence of registrations in the system, you will be asked to create a new WMID (go through the procedure of re-registration). To do this, click the "Create a new WMID" button.

Log in using the WM Keeper that you use to manage your registered WMID. In our example, we use WM Keeper Standard (Mini).

In the next form you will be offered to choose a registration type (in your case it should be "Register a personal WMID").
Note: if you have never got Formal passport for some reason, the registration service will offer you to do this by filling the corresponding form together with verifying your e-mail and mobile phone, likewise it happens during the initial registration process.

Click the "Choose" button next to the version of WM Keeper you want to register new purses for.

Further steps for WM Keeper registration differ for each version of the program and are described in detail in the following articles.

Please note that the new WMID will be automatically associated with your passport after a successful registration.

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