Adding WM Keeper WinPro to WM Keeper Mobile

If you have started using WebMoney via Telepat and manage your purses via WM Keeper Mobile, then you cannot use all the possibilities that WebMoney Transfer provides and which are available in WM Keeper WinPro (Classic). Using WM Keeper WinPro you can:

To add WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) operation mode to your purses and at the same time keep the possibility to manage them via WM Keeper Mobile go to Security service web-site and perform the following actions:

1 Start authorization process by clicking the Login link.

2 In the appeared window select the Mobile tab, enter the phone number and PIN-code, you use in WM Keeper Mobile and click the "Login" button.

3 Go to Operation modes section. On the opened page you will see current operation mode for your WMID purses. The activated possibilities have a "green light". To manage your purses via WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) you need to click the "Add" button in the corresponding section.

4 If your passport level is lower than formal, then go to the procedure for getting it. Also, do not forget to verify your contact phone number.

5 After you get formal passport, go to "Operation modes" section again and repeat step 3.

6 Then set the password for the first login to WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) and accessing the key file. Keep in mind that this password must be temporary because after you finish installing and initializing WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) on your computer you must change this password and also generate a new key file.

After you specify the password click the "Change operation mode" button.

7 Click the "Download keys…" link and save key file to your computer. This file looks like <Your WMID>.kmw. Then click the "Continue" button.

8 Install and initialize WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) on your computer.

To do so, follow the steps below:
  1. Download WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) installation file.
  2. Install and launch it, specify your WMID and click on the link: “Recovery”.
  3. Browse the location of the key file and enter the password you got in step 2 as the access code. In this case the access code for key file is the same as the login password for WM Keeper WinPro (Classic). After initialization, do not forget to change the password and code (make them different).
  4. Allow the application create purse file automatically.
  5. After you connect WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) to the server ('Online' mode) we recommend changing the keys (key file and access code for it) and also login password for WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) since you received them via the Internet.
  6. Without a delay follow the recommendations for WebMoney Keeper WinPro secure operation.

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