Adding WMZ funds using Cash-In terminals

Contry Company Term Service fee
Armenia TelCell Immediately 3%
Azerbaijan PayNet Immediately 7 - 11%
Lithuania Foxbox Immediately 6%
Moldova Netto Processing Immediately 0%
Russia QIWI o1 Immediately 2.5%
UAE NT.PAYMENTS Immediately 7%

1 a formal passport with verified data or above

You can add funds to your purse directly, or by buying WM Check which will allow you to pay for purchases without registering in the WebMoney Transfer system. Also, you can fund your purse with WM Cheque(s). The nearest terminal can be found on the WebMoney.Geo website.

When adding funds to your purse the following limits apply (excluding QIWI):

Minimum amount – 0,5 WMZ.

Daily limit

Alias passport — 200 WMZ.
Formal passport — 200 WMZ.
Formal passport (with verified data)— 500 WMZ.
Initial passport — 500 WMZ.
Personal passport — 500 WMZ.

Monthly limit

Alias passport — 1 000 WMZ.
Formal passport — 1 000 WMZ.
Formal passport (with verified data) — 3 000 WMZ.
Initial passport — 3 000 WMZ.
Personal passport — 5 000 WMZ.

When adding funds to your purse by QIWI the following limits apply:

Daily limit

Formal passport (with verified data)— 1000 WMZ.
Initial passport — 1000 WMZ.
Personal passport — 5000 WMZ.

Monthly limit

Formal passport (with verified data) — 7 000 WMZ.
Initial passport — 7 000 WMZ.
Personal passport — 10 000 WMZ.

You can identify the type of your passport on the Verification Centre website at
WMCheck limit for one telephone number per day is 500 WMZ.

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