Adding WMU funds by making cash deposits in banks

The article is out of date

To add WMU funds by making cash deposits in banks, you should do the following:

1 Go to

2 Go to U purses -> Incoming transactions -> Add (menu to the left)

3 Specify the U purse you want to add funds to the amount and the method of adding funds (the most profitable way is via "Ukrprombank"), and click "Apply".

4 Read the additional agreement and click "Accept".

5 After that Application for N cash transfer appears on the screen.

6 You should print (!!) the application (printer-friendly version), go to the nearest bank subsidiary (depending on the method you have chosen in point 3), and pay the amount specified in the application.

When paying show the application to the cashier
It usually takes one or several days for the funds to be received