Adding WMP funds by postal money order

In order to add funds to a WMR purse by postal money order, perform the following actions: 1 If you use WM Keeper WinPro, open it. If you use WM Keeper WebPro, you do not need to open it (by going to

2 Go to and after selecting your WMR purse, click on “Incoming payments” → “Add to purse.”

3 Undergo authorization, clicking “Yes” to the request to identify yourself (for WM Keeper WinPro) or presenting your certificate (for WM Keeper WebPro).

4 Choose a purse which will receive the funds, enter the amount you desire deposited into your WMR purse, and click “Order.”

5 Read, print out and accept the agreement that appears on screen by clicking “I agree.”

6 On the next page, you will be shown the payment information to carry out the transfer.

7 Print out this payment information and send the funds by postal money order.

Do not change the Message field or the payment information. If either are changed, the payment will not be credited!!!

This form can only be use for one money order at a time. Other money orders with the same number will be returned!!!