Account linking service

The account linking service on links WebMoney purses to bank accounts or purses on other electronic payment systems. Linking is made after an automated verification of the personal data for the owner of the WebMoney purse and the account (card) on the other payment system.

At present the service allows you to link your WM purse to the following accounts and cards:

In the near future support for linking accounts on the Yandex.dengi payment system will be added.

To use the service a WebMoney user must have a passport that is not less than formal. In addition, you need to upload to the site for the Verification Center the following:

  • passport copy with residence registration; * taxpayer ID number (INN) copy.

This information will be accessible only to the system administrator and you personally. The passport data should be the same as the data in the passport with registration and INN, or else the verification will be unsuccessful.

Besides this, to link accounts some steps are necessary on the part of the systems and banks whose accounts you wish to link to your WM purse.