Accepting Direct Payments via banks and payment terminals (Ukraine)

By enabling this option via the Merchant WebMoney Purse settings or the Processing Service Purse settings sellers can accept DIRECT payments via payment terminals and in bank branches made by payers (buyers) who are not members of the WebMoney Transfer system. Using this payment method, the payer IS NOT REQUIRED to return to the seller`s website after making a payment, as opposed to a payment with WebMoney Check, which makes this payment method more convenient for a buyer.

This payment method is only available in Ukraine and only for U-purses.

From the payer`s perspective

From the buyer`s (payer`s) point of view a payment via a bank or a payment terminal will look like this:

  • When making a purchase on a seller`s website, the buyer selects WebMoney as a payment option and is redirected to the WebMoney Merchant website.
  • On the WebMoney Merchant website the buyer selects the “Payment Terminal” payment option and is redirected to the page where they are required to enter their mobile number.
  • The buyer receives an SMS with a dedicated account number in the following format U77777XXXXXXX, where ХХХХХХХ are digits.
  • If a buyer uses a payment terminal, they need to select WebMoney as a payment option; in a bank branch a buyer requests a top-up of a WebMoney purse while using online banking they select a payment for the WebMoney service.
  • For a payment, instead of providing their purse number, a buyer provides the account number U77777XXXXXX received via SMS.
  • A buyer pays for the purchase plus the bank/payment terminal service fee. The service fee may vary for different payment options, therefore it is recommended to add an extra 6% of the purchase amount to the payment.
    If the amount paid will be higher than the total of the purchase amount and the payment terminal/bank service fee, the difference will be credited to a WebMoney Check and can be used to pay for online purchases.
    Contrarily, if the amount paid is insufficient to cover the purchase amount and the service fees, the buyer will receive an SMS-notification with the outstanding amount which they will be required to pay to the same account U77777XXXXXXX.

From the seller's perspective

For a seller, the process of accepting this type of payment will be very similar to the acceptance of payments from WebMoney purses expect for a few important differences which are outlined below.

  • It is recommended for a seller to separate payments of this type into a standalone category under the name “Payment via a payment terminal or a bank” or allocate a name with a similar description..
    Under this payment option a seller can redirect a payer to the Merchant WebMoney website straight to the selected payment method. It can be done by sending the LMI_ALLOW_SDP parameters with value “8” in payment request form. If a buyer is redirected by this method, on the WebMoney Merchant website they can continue with the payment immediately without the need of additionally selecting a payment option. Here is an example of how it works.
  • If payments made with this method in the “preliminary request format” or the “payment notification format”, in addition to all standard Web Merchant Interface parameters a seller will also receive LMI_SDP_TYPE=8 parameters.
  • All payment notifications and data transmission formats will remain unchanged as outlined in Web Merchant Interface, as it is similar to payments made from WebMoney purses. However, with this option payments will ALWAYS be transferred from the service purse U329791423310 (parameter LMI_PAYER_PURSE), WMID 361737094212 (parameter LMI_PAYER_WM).
  • This payment method can be used only for purchases with the price listed in grivna (WMU). A payment will be received on a seller`s U-purse. Payments can only be made via Ukrainian payment terminals (any), bank branches and for some Ukrainian banks via online banking. For any of the options a seller will receive to the purse the exact listed price of the sold product in WMU. The payment notification form will be sent to the seller`s purse together with a WMU-transfer instantly after a payment is made by a buyer via a payment terminal or a bank.
  • It also should be noted that there could be a potentially considerable delay between a payment request and the actual payment.
  • The “Preliminary request form” (in the case that the relevant option is enabled via the settings) will be sent twice:
    - the first time when a buyer clicks on “Make a payment via a payment terminal in Ukraine” within the Merchant WebMoney Interface;
    - the second time straight after a buyer has entered the account number U77777XXXXXXX, just a few minutes prior to the payment.
  • The payment terminal and bank service fees are always paid by the payer.