Acceptance of payments from bank cards (U-purses)

Activating this option in the Merchant WebMoney purse settings (or in the settings of the Processing service purse) allows the merchant to begin accepting payments from the payers (customers) who are not WebMoney Transfer system members, via Visa/MasterCard bank cards and Privat24 cards or accounts.

This method can be activated for U-purses only.

From the customer's standpoint

From the payer's (customer's) standpoint a payment made via a card looks as follows:

  • The customer going through the payment process gets to the step of selecting the payment method, chooses WebMoney and gets redirected to the Merchant WebMoney site.
  • On the Merchant WebMoney site, the customer selects "bank card" as the payment method and gets redirected to the page on which they should enter a phone number (used to contact the customer only).
  • The customer gets redirected to the acquiring system site where they should enter their card information. Additional fee of 2.6% is charged for payments made via Visa/MasterCard and Privat24.
  • After paying the customer returns to WebMoney site where he should wait for a few minutes while the payment is being processed.
  • The customers gets redirected back to the merchant's site which they came from.

From the merchant's standpoint

For the merchant the acceptance of such payments look exactly the same as that from WebMoney purses, except for several peculiarities which should be taken into consideration and are listed below.

  • It is very desirable for the merchant to set off this payment method by calling it, for example, "Payment via bank card".
    Moreover the customer can be redirected to the Merchant WebMoney site . This can be made by assigning "10" to LMI_ALLOW_SDP parameter and transmitting it in the payment request form. Then after being redirected to the Merchant WebMoney, the customer will be able to proceed to the payment omitting the payment method selection. An example of what this process may look like.
  • When this payment method is used, the LMI_SDP_TYPE=10 parameter is additionally transmitted to the merchant in the "Prerequest form" and the "Payment notification form".
  • All notifications of the payment and data transmitting formats remain unchanged as it is provided by the Web Merchant Interface as if the payment is made from a WebMoney purse. However the payment of this type ALWAYS comes from the service purse U329791423310 (LMI_PAYER_PURSE parameter) of WMID 361737094212 (LMI_PAYER_WM parameter).
  • Only those purchases can be paid for with this method whose price had been specified in hryvnas (WMU). The payment comes to the merchant's U-purse. In all cases the merchant receives exactly the ordered amount of WMU to their purse. Payment notification form is sent together with the WMU-payment to the merchant's purse immediately after the customer's bank card authorization on the acquiring system side.
  • Bank fee for authorizaion is always paid by the customer not the merchant.