For the purpose of communication between WebM ... dent from the main menu of WM Keeper WinPro, click on “Menu” – “Messages” – “New” and type the ... m WM Keeper WinPro correspondents list right-click on the correspondent, to whom you want to se ... e “Correspondents”. In the context menu left-click opposite to the correspondent, to whom you want to send a message, and choose “Add to chat” Click on the icon to enter the chat Enter the text and click “Send” WM chat in WM Keeper Standard¶ The op ... oose a correspondent in the contact list and click on “Send message” item. See also: WM chat in WM Keeper Standard

07/12/2018 05:23 PM

The article is out of date The WM2MAIL servic ... WM – To e-mail from the main menu, or right-click on the needed purse and select Send WM – To ... amount and the message you wish to send, and click Send. 4 If the recipient has not signed up o ... WM check and, after logging in to your WMID, click Accept. 2 If you are new to WebMoney Transfe ... rd the check on to another e-mail address by clicking the second link in the e-mail. You will h ... rwarding the check, you can no longer use it.

07/17/2018 11:46 AM

Terms (WikiWords)¶ Terms (WikiWords) represen ... _name.jpg:pic]] Then, after saving the page, click the created link to upload the image. For ot ... e whole WMZ article See also Terms, WikiWords

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The Display command shows the window specifie ... lay?window=about&BringToFront=Y">Click here to determine your version of WebMoney K ... e also: WMK Protocol Refresh PayTo MsgTo Exit

07/30/2018 04:53 PM

PhotoID – is a unique photo of a WebMoney use ... ur WMID for which you want create a PhotoId; click "Create PhotoId" button and follow ... e also: WebMoney Keeper Standard Applications

10/06/2018 03:23 PM

What is a key file? The key file is a special ... appears, choose "Security" tab and click "Save keys to file". 3 Choose the ... e password (access code) to the key file and click OK. Save the password in the secure location; it will be used to decrypt the key file.

09/05/2014 06:06 PM

Each WebMoney Transfer system member must hav ... e; To see, how to receive a formal passport, click here An initial passport is issued to WebMon ... To see, how to receive an initial passport, click here A personal passport is the main WebMone ... To see, how to receive a personal passport, click here A merchant passport allows for automati ... d. To see how to receive a merchant passport click here See also: Merchant passport issuance pr ... o: WM Passport, Multiple WMIDs per a passport

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Megastock ( ... ideo about the requirements for your website click here To see a video about registration in Megastock click here All Megastock resources are sorted acco ... gue Website:

01/24/2015 09:45 AM

Each member has a WM Passport (or in short, a ... WMIDs per a passport article. To see a demo, click here See also: Passports

09/11/2015 09:50 PM

WM Exchanger section of Exchanger service is ... urrent list of WM exchange page. After that, click the line with the selected new application, ... value is entered in the purse number field, clicking "Pay the Application" moves the ... lity to pay for such application. Otherwise, clicking "Pay the Application" moves the ... tions; show only redeemed applications. Left-click the selected application line to go to the d ... for a new application, specify the value and click "Change the application exchange rate&q ... n this application, all you have to do is to click "Buy this Application". Upon the t ... umber of the application to be attached, and click "Merge the entered application with the ... tion¶ To delete the current new application, click "Delete" at the details page, and ... nstead of WMZ" exchange direction. Left-...

07/30/2018 01:48 PM

WebMoney Debt Service ( i ... ils for each entry in the loans list by left-clicking it with your mouse. This form displays th ... ds registered in the Paymer system. To do so click the "Exchange for check" link whic ... Debt Mart Debt Mart Loan borrower application

07/19/2018 11:05 AM

Interface X18. Getting transaction details vi ... - for money transfer systems, 3 - for Alpha-click, 4 - for Russian banks cards, 5 - for Russia ... osed a checkout page See also: XML interfaces

03/19/2018 04:13 PM

Interface X14. Fee-free refund.¶ This interfa ... rd, WM-note or via e-invoicing system (Alpha-click, VTB, money transfer systems, THANK YOU from ... on verification page See also: XML-interfaces

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Once the management fund is created and the B ... s (budget articles). To create a new report, click on the "New" link and enter the pa ... e parameters of a previously created report, click on the "View" icon in the first co ... ts table, and to extricate a certain report, click on the "Results" icon in the last ... parameters of the task for expenses purses, click on the icon in the right column of the table ... n in the right graph of the table or just by clicking on the line of the order. In the form tha ... ot;Save". To view detailed information, click on the line of the selected vote. The " ... A, such as a vote. To create a notification, click on "New" and in the form that open ... he icon in the first column of the table. By clicking on the arrow icon in the "Details&qu ... d the transfer. See also: Service description

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WebMoney Files is a free service for secured ... the site without needing to be authorized by clicking "Menu" in the Keeper, selecting ... rsonal area" 2 To upload a file to send click on the button resembling a paper clip, choose the location to store the file, and click "Open." You will receive the notif ... load has been successfully completed. 3 Then click on the uploaded file with the right mouse bu ... WMID in the "For WMID" window) and click "Send." 5 When the file has been s ... e also: How to send files in WM Keeper WinPro

02/01/2015 11:58 PM

What is WebMoney.Check?¶ It is a simple, conv ... WebMoney.Check¶ On the store's website, click WebMoney; Then select WebMoney.Check; Enter ... rrent password; Change your current password.

01/21/2015 03:10 PM

If you agree with an invoice that has been issued to you, you can pay it. To do so click the "Pay" button in your WM Keeper ... n shown at the lower left of the screenshot: click "Next" After that you will receive confirmation request click “Next” and follow the instructions: Please, enter symbols and click “Next” If you have enabled the confirmation ... wing window: See also: Cancel invoice payment

01/31/2015 06:29 PM

The activation code is required each time aft ... ancel entering the activation code, and then click Tools – Personal information, and in the “Pa ... er activation code to telephone" option.

08/03/2018 03:43 PM

WebMoney OpenID is a feature of the WM Keeper ... ey OpenID to the clipboard as follows: right-click on the ant by the clock → Copy to Clipboard ... ish” for your private information. Delegation

01/31/2015 06:11 PM

The Debt service allows the members of the Sy ... repaid loan page of the Debt service website click on the button "Send a pre-trial claim l ... limit Using Paymer checks for loan repayment

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You can add page «Click» for project «WebMoney Wiki».

NB: For creating pages you should be authenticated, have passport not less than personal and bussiness level greater than 10.