To sponsors and buyers


You can support a project you are interest by contributing any amount at your own discretion to its author’s account. In exchange for the project's support, in case the target amount is collected in full, sponsor as a rule may count on an award. The project organizer is responsible for the timely shipping of awards to contributors.


Using the Funding service one can support charity projects and actions. The Funding service does not bear responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of the given data. In case of any doubts we suggest contacting charity project author directly in order to establish their trustworthiness.

Group purchases

Group purchases have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Lower prices are usually due to the fact that goods are bought from distributors at wholesale prices or in foreign stores. You can select an interesting item and join the order. In case you change your mind about a certain item you can partially cancel your order for this particular item, but not the order in full. Taking part in the purchase you send your monies to the organizer and he/she takes the responsibility to deliver the ordered product to you.


Transferring funds to the organizer you purchase tickets from gives you the right to take part in the event (concert, show, performance). The organizer takes the responsibility to resolve all issues connected to the preparation and conduct of the event.