The following terms will be used hereafter:

An author — a person, who has created a project in one of the following areas: crowdfunding, group purchases, donations, events on service.

A project — a bid to collect project funds in one of the following areas: crowdfunding, group purchases, donations, events on service.

By placing the information on the author complies with the following rules.

The Administration reserves the right to block a project in case of service rules violation by its author. In case of a repeated violation the service will block the user.

  1. A project must have a clearly defined purpose and correspond to one of the categories present on the site
  2. Prior to the project start the author of every project type must execute a number of requirements. For a crowdfunding project you must define the required sum, the collection end date, fundraising purposes and categories. For group purpose it is obligatory to define the order stop condition, for events – specific dates of events and the end of fundraising date (please, note that the collection stop date cannot be later than three weeks before the event itself), for donations – the project name.
  3. All actions taken in the course of a project must not violate the rights of the third parties and shall comply to the present Law and WebMoney code.
  4. An author must be sure that products and services mentioned within the project are not forbidden. The list of forbidden items in Annex 2 of Agreement on transfer of property rights by means of digital title units.
  5. Deployment of materials, which violate third parties’ authors rights (including site references) are prohibited.
  6. Materials, regarding third parties, mentioned within a project, may be deployed only with written consent.
  7. A project must be unique. The repeated fundraising of similar project on other sites is not allowed. Exceptions are only those cases, when a project, that had been published earlier on a different site, did not collect the required amount and was closed.
  8. The author of the project is liable in full for all the information published within their project: project description, funding purpose, awards description and their delivery timeframe, products descriptions, tickets, conduct of events conditions, and also for all personal information published in the “About” section or in personal profile.
  9. Only those projects or products will be placed in the catalogue, whose authors have WebMoney passports no lower than initial. If the author does not have an initial passport or higher, they can advertise the project or product using their own resources, using a direct link or widget.
  10. The author can use available instruments to advertise and promote the project, but they should avoid spamming, flooding, placing project info on other members’ pages or any other activity of this sort.
  11. Publishing insulting, obscene, objectionable content, propaganda or other materials, provoking racial and religious intolerance, is strictly prohibited on
  12. The project author must answer users’ comments regarding their project honestly and in a timely fashion.
  13. When creating a crowdfunding project the author must define the awards to the project’s contributors and the procedure to obtain them. The author carries full responsibility for the on-time shipping and the delivery of awards to contributors.
  14. Partial fundraising is acceptable only for charity projects. If any other project type has not gathered the necessary amount within the given timeframe, all contributions will be automatically returned to investors (to their internal Funding service account with the possibility to make a transfer to WebMoney purse).
  15. Group purchase organizers take full responsibility for the timely delivery of goods to all group purchase members.
  16. The organizer of an event or their trustees take the responsibility to resolve all issues connected to the preparation and conduct of the event.