A reward is a way to encourage sponsors, which is set forward by the project author at the start. After the successful project finish the author is obliged to deliver the reward to a sponsor.

How to select rewards and evaluate them?

A reward must act as a stimulus invoking sponsor’s interest in your project and the desire to support it. Textual description of the reward is equally important to your project, as the project description itself, for it may play a crucial role in sponsor’s decision.

The reward must have direct relation to your project. A reward may vary depending on the amount of sponsor’s contribution.

You can allocate a small pool of rather inexpensive, but unique, rewards for the first sponsor, so that the project can take off. By these means future sponsors will see that the first contributions have already been made and this will stimulate their desire to join.

For example you create a project to record a CD of your rock group and in the future you plan to sell CD’s for 300 roubles each. In this case it is reasonable to create a reward called “CD copy” and evaluate it at 150 roubles for instance.

Do not create expensive rewards it is better to create a versatile collection and limit them by the number of sponsors. In this fashion sponsors will have more stimuli and you will achieve the result faster.