Placement into catalogue

Only those projects or products will be placed in the catalogue whose authors have a WebMoney passports no lower than initial. If you do not have an initial passport or higher you can advertize the project or product using your own resources using a direct link or widget.
Projects catalogue contains only crowdfunding and events.

Project/product categories

If in the course of the project/product creation a certain category was selected then you may find this project/product in the respective catalogue category or in its parent’s. In case of a charity project there is no need to select a category, it will be automatically placed into “Charity contributions” division but also occasionally it can be placed into “Popular”.

“Popular” project category

Most active projects can be placed into the “Popular” category. Activity is calculated on the basis of the sum of contributions, contribution amounts and activity of discussions. The timeline of the activity also counts: if there were a lot of comments and contributions but it was 10 days ago, then this project will be less popular than the one that was marked by a couple of contributions and a few comments in the last couple of days. The overall contribution amount also affects project’s popularity.