How to support a project

On every project’s page there is a “Support” button. By clicking it you get transferred to the contribution page, whereby you can select your preferred payment method (WebMoney, Mobile phone or bank card).

Contribution amount

The Funding service does not impose any caps on the contribution amounts. You can indicate any contribution sum but the amount may not be less than that for the selected award.


A sponsor may want to remain anonymous within the project, and in this case they can raise “Anonymously” flag on the page. If the flag is not raised then site visitors and the project author will recognize you as one of the sponsors. However the contribution amount is only visible to the sponsor and the project author.

How to find out about the campaign results?

A sponsor may periodically look through the project page or set up an automatic email alert about the project’s fundraising results. In case this is a crowdfunding and the project has not collected the necessary amount in a given timeframe the sponsor’s contribution will be returned to their internal Funding service account with the possibility to make a transfer to WebMoney purse.