You can offer a performance of your own group, as well as an external one, or organize a conference, seminar or even a theater performance. The author of the project or their trustees take the responsibility to resolve all issues connected to the preparation and conduct of the event.

The Funding service allows yuo to organize collection of funds for such an event and attract like-minded people who are ready to buy tickets for the given event.

Ticket category

Detailed event’s description, for which the tickets are offered, and their price, have a definite influence on customer’s decision. Event conduct conditions should be reflected not in the ticket but rather on the event page, where they actually belong.
Tickets may be found under the "Tickets for events" category.

Successful project finish

A successful project finish depends on whether the necessary funds have been collected before the given date.
Partial fund collection for an event is not permitted. In case the project has not collected the necessary amount, all orders will be automatically cancelled and deposits will be available to buyers on their internal accounts for the Funding service (with the possibility to make a transfer to WebMoney purse).
If the project was successfully completed, all collected funds will be automatically deposited to the author’s internal Funding service account with the possibility to make a transfer to WebMoney purse.