About Funding service

Funding — is a platform to attract funding for creative, scientific, manufacturing and charity projects in the shape of voluntary contributions, and also participation in group purchases or events

Funding allows:

  • To attract funding to realize your projects using crowdfunding or people’s funding – group collaboration of people , who voluntarily unite their resources to support other people or organizations. If the necessary amount is collected contributors as a rule may count on certain remuneration in exchange for their support of the project;
  • Organize group purchases — unite into groups in order to economize on purchases. As a rule buyers unite in order to get get volume discounts at wholesale prices or order from foreign stores.
  • Collect resources for events. You can create an event (concert, theatre performance, conference, seminar etc.), attract participants, who with the help of Funding service will buy tickets for the given event;
  • *Collect means for charity *. You can attract resources for your own charity projects, as well as other persons projects;
Funding — is
  • Simple registration;
  • Absence of geographic boundaries;
  • 0% commission for project creation;
  • Possibility of immediate funds transfer.