How it works

You can create a new offer on your own terms. This type called the "offer".

Or you can choose from the list of offers (which has been created by other members of the system). This type called the "offsetting offe".

Each one has advantages and disadvantages:

advantages disadvantages
Offer Profitably.
The exchange will be made on your own terms. You can set the rate and amount yourself.
If the terms of exchange will be unprofitable for other members of the system, it could not be done.
Offsetting offer Quickly
The creator of the offer is waiting for you and get start in the closet future.
Less profit.
The terms of exchange can be unprofitable for you.

Here you can read the "Description and procedure" of in details .

The procedure of buying and selling WebMoney with the withdrawal to the Bank card you can see below. Other exchange directions are similar.