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What is Digiseller ?

The Digiseller Store Wizard is a universal tool for selling any type of digital products.
You do not need to have any specific skills to start selling with Digiseller, using our Shop Designer you can create your own online shop and embed it into an existing website.
You can choose to place the products and services you offer either in your shop or on the existing trading platform such as Plati.Market. You can register with Digiseller in a few simple steps (to successfully start the operation, you need to have a registered account with the WebMoney Transfer system which is required for accepting payments and to ensure secure access to your Digiseller account). After registration is complete, you can start adding products to your shop.

For Sellers

Digiseller offers extensive functionality, including the following key features:

  • The registration process is simple and the system is easy to use, you can start selling immediately after completing the registration and adding your products with their description to the system.
  • Due to the extensive range of functionality offered by the system, you will be able to sell almost any type of digital products. Regardless of what you are selling, from services to products which may vary between registration keys, payment cards, software, musical works and copyrighted content such as wallpaper, photographs, books and high-value products including gold, diamonds, equipment, etc., with Digiseller you can conduct your trading activities conveniently and efficiently.
  • Multicurrency, a flexible discount system for buyers, pre-orders, promo codes, a strong reporting system and notification of buyer actions - all of these are provided for you. A buyer can pay for your products using any convenient method: via e-payment systems such as WebMoney, YooMoney, PayPal, using payment terminals, from a mobile phone account (SMS) or by a bank card.
    New payment methods are added to the list of the available payment options regularly and when a buyer makes payment using a method convenient for them, you receive the payment to your purse in the WebMoney Transfer system linked to your seller account. You can give personal discounts for selected products to your regular customers when, for example, a customer makes a purchase for the amount which exceeds the limit you set or you can issue a promo code which a customer can use to receive a discount.
  • An API for conducting sales and for the automation of the selling process. In some instances prior to conducting a sale, you may require to have additional information provided by the buyer. For example, when buying registration keys for software, a buyer will have to provide their name or other information for the registration. This information can be sent to you via email, this means that you are dealing with a completed order which does not require further clarification or this information can be forwarded to you via the API to a script on your own server. In this instance, the script can verify the parameters submitted by the buyer and transfer the purchased merchandise to the buyer automatically.
  • An opportunity for the promotion of your products - Digiseller provides you with an option of placing and further promoting your products on various trading platforms of your partners in Runet and beyond. You can attract external sellers to sell your products on their platforms by offering agent commissions to your partners.
  • A convenient system of interaction with your buyers. When, for example, a buyer has questions about the products offered, they can use the provided functionality for contacting a seller which includes chat, messaging and reviews. This functionality is available in both the Digiseller web-interface and the mobile application for sellers.
  • The instant receipt of the purchased product - a buyer will receive your product immediately after the payment is made, except occasions where in order to transfer a product, interaction between a seller and a buyer is required. In other words, Digiseller ensures the technological capability of the instant transfer of a purchased product to the buyer immediately after the payment.

For Partners (Affiliates)

If you do not have digital products for sale but you want to open your own online shop, you can sell the products of other sellers in your shop for a commission from each sale. You can do this easily - simply register with Digiseller in a few clicks and using the Shop Designer add the most interesting, in your opinion, products or product categories to your shop. When a buyer purchases a product from your shop, you will receive a percentage from the sale (an agent fee) set by the seller of the product to your WebMoney Transfer account linked to your Digiseller account. For the opening of a partner-shop, you can also use Digiseller API or an already established CMS which uses it. When using the API, you can integrate the functionality of an agent shop into an existing CMS. If you do not have your own website, you can sell any products within the Digiseller system as an agent by placing them in your blog, on forums, social networks and so on. Similar to the example of establishing your own agent shop, using this scheme you will also receive an agent fee from each sale established by the product seller.

How do I start?

  • You will need to register with the WebMoney system . You will be required to have a WebMoney account to accept payments. More information about the WebMoney system can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to select a product at Digiseller