Receiving the right to use a WMID in the interests of a legal person

To receive the right to use an Budget automation tool's WMID in the interests of a legal party, you must submit several documents.

Let's go through the steps of this process using the LLC LablePrint Automated Budget tool example.

1. List of documents to receive the right to use a BA WMID in the interests of a legal person

See the list of documents and their examples in the corresponding section of this site.

2. Uploading digital photocopies (scans) of documents to the BA site

This procedure can be carried out by the BA Initiator or by an authorized employee from the specified personnel.
Go to the Budget--Requisites page of the BA, find the Upload additional documents link above the logotype image and click on it.

Next, successively upload all of the necessary files that appear in the list.

Links to uploaded documents will immediately appear on the Budget--Requisites page.

3. Submitting original documents to the Verification Center

The BA Initiator must submit original copies of the uploaded documents that appear in the list to the Verification Center in person, or mail notarized copies by post. The Verification Center's office address, fax number, and hours of operation are available on the site":

Once you successfully complete the procedure of verifying the company's documents for the passport, the BA passport will be updated with a notice stating that it belongs to the company.

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