Preparing a BA for operation

For full BA functionality, a BA must be prepared for operation and configured to carry out an efficient business process.
A sufficient condition to begin working with the BA is to create the management fund.
Nevertheless, it is recommended that prior to using the BA, the Initiator also specifies the personnel and generates the company's receipts and expenses articles, and if necessary, integrates the BA with WebMoney Transfer's trade services .

Creating the management fund

The management fund must be created within 30 days after the BA's registration. This is done by creating orders to sell management shares and then redeeming them on the Shareholder service site.
The first order to buy 25% of the fund's shares is generated automatically for the Initiator's WMID. Offers to buy the rest of the fund can be created only after the Initiator buys out at least 25% of the management fund.
Purchase offers are formed in the "Shares" section (in the "Registry" tab).
Until the management fund is created in full, the price of the order must be equal to the nominal value of a share.

If the management fund shares are not completely redeemed within 30 days, the management fund is considered created, but it is automatically reduced by the size of the unredeemed BA shares.
If the size of the management fund exceeds or is equal to 20000 WMZ, then the BA can be registered in Shareholder's public registry.
Shareholder is integrated with Capitaller and provides the opportunity to hold open auctions for the BA management fund shares.
Orders of purchase or free transfer of management shares are created in the BA "Shares" section.

Specifying the personnel

The BA personnel can include any WebMoney Transfer participant with a passport that is no lower than the initial one. The participant can be a salaried employee of the BA or a shareholder who does not participate in operative BA management. The first BA person is the manager.
BA personnel can be specified both during the phase of preparing the BA for operation and in the process of normal operation. Specifying the personnel is the manager's responsibility. He determines every employee's access rights to the BA.
There are three levels of access rights: no access, read-only, and full access. They determine the personnel's capabilities to manage the BA in the following sections:

  • purses – the section for creating and changing the purses parameters
  • access – the section for assigning access rights to purses management
  • incoming bills
  • outgoing bills
  • planning – a tool for automatic distribution of funds to purses of BA participants
  • personnel – the section for including/excluding participants into/out of the personnel list and assigning them access rights
  • discussion -
  • company information – the section for general BA requisites
  • integration with Merchant WM;
  • integration with Notify WM;
  • integration with XML-interfaces;
  • shares management.

Personnel section
In this section, the manager creates a list of BA participants, which can include both salaried employees and partners or shareholders of the company. Besides, the manager assigns every participant with access rights to various BA operations.

"Personnel" section, "List" tab
To add a new employee to the list of personnel, click on the link "New" and fill out the form. When specifying an employee's position, you can use the descriptions suggested in the list that opens by pressing the symbol with an ellipsis next to the "Post" field.
When specifying the WM ID of a new employee, note that only owners of a WM-passport that is at least initial can receive access to the BA. The only required field is "WMID." Nevertheless, it is recommended to fill out the "Post" and "e-mail" fields at the very least, and if the employee uses the E-num service when logging into the BA, then place a checkmark by the field "Use for ENum-login". After checking the information you have entered, press "Save".
To change information for a participant who is registered in the personnel list, click on the icon in the first column of the table, and after making the changes, press "Save".
To assign access rights to the BA for each of the employees, press the keys icon in the "Access" column next to the selected participant, or click on the "Access rights" link from the menu in the heading of the "Personnel" section.

"Personnel" section, "Access rights" tab
To change access parameters for a selected participant, click on the symbol in the first column of the table or select a participant from the list that opens up beneath the "Change" link. Next, assign the participant's access rights to the 13 sections and subsections of the BA and press "Save".
All access rights divide into three types: no access, read-only, and full access. The rights are grouped by the following categories:

  • company information – access to the "Requisites" tab of the ""Budget section"
  • purses – access to the "purses" tab of the "Budget" section
  • personnel – access to the "Personnel" section
  • incoming bills – access to incoming bills in the "Accounts" tab of the "Budget" section
  • outgoing bills – access to outgoing bills in the "Accounts" tab of the "Budget" section
  • discussion – access to the BA forum
  • access rights – access to the "Access rights" tab in the "Personnel" section
  • shares – access to the "shares" section
  • planning – a tool for automatic funds distribution to purses of BA participants
  • integration with Merchant WM – access to the "Integration with Merchant WM" tab in the "Integration" section
  • integration with Notify WM – access to the "Integration with Notify WM" tab in the "Integration" section
  • integration with XML-interfaces – access to the "Integration with XML-interfaces" in the "Integration" section
  • standard operations – access

Generating receipts and expenses articles

BA receipts and expenses articles are WM-purses. When creating a BA, four types of purses are automatically created for receipts, expenses, payments to personnel, and the management fund.
If necessary, the BA administrator (manager) can create additional WMZ, WME, WMX, WMH,WML,WMB,WMK, WMV and WMG purses for budget receipts, expenses, and revenue articles. The number of budget articles (and correspondingly, purses) is unlimited and depends only on the requirements of the business processes for which the BA is being used.

"Budget" section, "Purses" tab
The purses page of the "Budget" section can show the full list of purses or the purses of one budget article.
To create a new purse, click on the "New" link located beneath the table with the list of purses. The name of the purse can be entered manually or selected from the list that appears by pressing the button with the ellipsis to the right of the "Function" field.

The BA administrator can allow funds to arrive from outside to the receipts purse by placing a checkmark by the "receipts from outside are allowed" field after creating the new purse. The funds entering this purse will be distributed according to the scheme of revenue distribution affirmed in the BA Charter.

Parameters can be changed for purses that do not participate in receiving funds from outside and their distribution. To do so, click on the icon with the purse image located to the left of its number in the table. It is possible to rename this purse or change its type (unspecified, receipts, expenses, revenue). It is impossible to delete BA purses.

To create and/or view operations and bills for a selected purse, use the "Operations" and "Bills" graphs. In the "Access" graph, the administrator or an employee authorized by him can assign the personnel with access rights to the purses. The volume of rights is defined by the following states: view, change, transfer funds, make out bills, and manage access.

BA Integration

If the business process served by the BA uses an automated service for accepting payments from clients, a notifications service, or a service for direct communication with the WebMoney Transfer server through XML-interfaces, then the BA's integration with them should also be done at the phase of preparing the BA for operation.
To do this, use the "Integration" section of Capitaller.

"Integration" section, "wm-merchant" tab
To receive payments to BA purses for products and services using the Merchant WM service, you have to specify the following for every receipts purse participating in the internet-store operation:

  • the trade name that will be displayed on the product's purchase page
  • secret key
  • Result URL
  • the URL that is called up when the payment for the product is successfully completed
  • the URL that is called up when the payment for the product does not go through
  • specify the purse's mode of operation when holding the operation (either for testing, to improve the store's operation, or operative).

The details of automating funds acceptance are described in the article Automating the processes of making and receiving payments

"Integration" section, «wm-notify» tab
Capitaller enables BA participants to receive notifications about the arrival of WM to BA purses. To use this capability, you have to be registered in the notifications service.
To select a purse for which notifications need to be received, click on the necessary line in the table. Then, in the form above the list, specify or cancel the notification by indicating the option - notify, do not notify. Then select the notification method (email, sms, icq, wm-keeper) and press "Save settings."

"Integration" section, "xml-interfaces" tab
On this page you can authorize the selected WMID to manage the following operations with BA purses:

  • make out bills on behalf of the BA and track their payment;
  • make transfers on behalf of the BA from the specified purse;
  • receive the operations history;
  • check the balance of a BA purse.

The details of using xml-interfaces are described in the article Automating the processes of making and receiving payments.

See also: Service description