Main terms the capabilities of Shareholder

Shareholder is a web service intended for managing a portfolio of shares, collective decision-making and analysis of work of budget automation tools in the Capitaller system.

The service allows each member of the WebMoney Transfer system to invest into projects and companies consolidated into budget automation tools, and fulfill the following tasks:

  • analyze the work of budget automation tools using the data published in the following documents and reports:
    • foundation documents of a BA (Member Cooperation Agreement, Charter, Constituent Declaration);
    • BA's details;
    • public reports on transactions in BA's purses;
    • divident payment reports;
    • voting results;
  • create a custom portofio of BA shares by purchasing, selling or transferring them, and specifically:
    • post offers to sell and buy BA shares;
    • sell and buy shares in open auctions via bids posted by other members;
    • send offers to buy and sell BA shares to specific buyers;
    • transfer or sell BA shares to specific members;
  • get dividends from revenues generated by budget automation tools;
  • take part in votings on budgeting and dividend payments, replacement of administrators and other aspects of the work of budget automation tools;
  • start votings related to BA management.
  • take part in forum discussions accessible only to shareholders.

The Shareholder service is integrated with the Capitaller system. All payments are made via the WebMoney Transfer system.

The Shareholder service is also used for posting votings created by the WebMoney Transfer system to ask members their opinion about the introduction of new title units or other important questions. All users with at least a personal cetrificate and non-zero balance can take part in them.

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