Main terms and capabilities

Capitaller – is a web-service that eanbles collective management of purses and the funds stored on them by a group of WebMoney Transfer participants who collaborate to receive a revenue.

Budget Automation tool (BA) – is a specialized version of WM Keeper intended for shared management of electronic WebMoney purses. The Budget Automation tool operates as part of the Capitaller service, has a WMID, and is a full-fledged participant of WebMoney Transfer. The BA is intended primarily for companies that receive revenue from the sale of products and services with payment through WebMoney Transfer. The full volume of Budget Automation tool management rights is divided into management shares whose size and amount is assigned by the Initiator during the BA registration.

BA Requisites – this is a WM ID and numbers of the receipts purses that are created by the system during BA registration, as well as the WM ID of the BA initiator (administrator).

BA Personnel – these are owners of WM IDs who have a passport no less than an initial one and who have access to managing one, several, or all purses of this BA.

BA Initiator – the WebMoney Transfer participant who initiated the process of creating the Budget Automation tool. He must have a Personal passport.

BA Administrator (manager) – the WebMoney Transfer participant with the highest BA management rights. He must have a Personal passport.

Capitaller enables WebMoney Transfer participants to unite in one Budget Automation tool (BA) in order to collaborate. The BA provides this union with tools to:

  • organize funds distribution and track receipts and expenses articles;
  • organize collective decision making;
  • automate budget articles service;
  • distribute revenue;
  • control the work of BA personnel.

The main principles of Budget Automation tool use are:

  • Funds can be transferred from outside only to receipts purses.
  • Funds are distributed from receipts purses automatically to the expenses, payments to personnel, and management fund purses according to the scheme assigned during the affirmation of the Budget Automation tool Charter.
  • Expenses, payments to personnel, and management fund purses are created in a single copy during the BA registration.
  • The BA manager has full access to expenses and payments to personnel purses.
  • The management fund purse is managed only through a vote by the shareholders;
  • The administrator can create additional purses for mutual payments, and redistribution of funds and payments by assigning the personnel with access rights to them and setting up automatic payments.
  • Shareowners can participate in BA management through voting on the development strategy, funds distribution, budget distribution, payment of dividends, changing the administrator, as well as other aspects of BA operation.
  • No commission is deducted when funds are transferred between Budget Automation tool purses since all BA purses belong to one WMID. When funds are withdrawn from the Budget Automation tool, a 0.8% commission is deducted.
  • Shareholders can transfer, sell, or buy management shares on the Shareholder service site.

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