Getting dividends

Revenues from investing money into the shares of budget automation tools are received by investors in the form of dividends. Calculation of the total amount of dividends is performed by the budget automation tool manager (administrator). Dividends are paid following a special voting initiated by the administrator. Each shareholder votes with their share. The motion is accepted if it's supported by the owners of over 50% of shares. Notifications about the start and end of votings are sent to all BA shareholders via the internal messaging system.

Dividends are first transferred to the internal accounts of the service. In order to claim their dividends, shareholders need to transfer them to their own purses. Transfers are performed by each shareholder individually and no commission is charged on this operation.

Calculation of dividends

The "Dividends" section on the "Payment log" tab shows the histrory of dividends paid to the member from the BA's in their portfolio. The table provides information about each dividend transaction based on the number of member's shares by the end of the divident payout voting. The bottom of the table shows the total amounts of paid dividends by currencies.

Getting dividends

The "Operations" tab of the "Dividends" section contains the log of dividend amounts accrued to the member's own purses. The table lists all transactions and their details, including the destination purse and transaction status. The top of the page has the final totals of amounts accrued, received and left on internal accounts.

In order to transfer all of the accrued funds or just part of them (no more than the amount specified in the "Remaining" line), you need to click the "New operation" button and enter the purse number and the amount to transfer, then click the "Transfer" button. The regular commission of the system - 0.8% - is not charged in this case.

To view detailed information about previous transactions, click the icon in the right column of the table or just click the line containing the necessary operation.

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