Automating the processes of making and receiving payments

Accepting payments

Web Merchant Interface

Unlike in the regular keeper, configuration of parameters is performed in the Integration->wm-merchant ( section of the site.
The page completely mirrors the corresponding page of the

Since the developer has no access to the keys of the budget automation tool, you should only specify SHA256 as the method of control signature generation.

More information about connecting to the Web Merchant Interface can be found in the Automating acceptance of payments on the BA site article.

Invoicing and payment validation interfaces

Since budget automation tool keys are inaccessible, only the XML versions of interfaces are available that support the mechanism of trust-based rights transfer ( ).

Configuration of the rights transfer for invoicing and payment validation is performed on the site, in the Integration->xml-interfaces ( section. The page completely mirrors the trust transfer page of

The mechanism of trust transfer allows you to "sign" specific XML requests with the keys of another (trusted) WMID. For instance, you can sign an XML ivoicing request (Interface X1) with the keys of a trusted WMID specified in the Integration->xml-interfaces section instead of the budget machine's keys.

Please note that the <wmid></wmid> parameter(of Interface X1) is not the BA's WMID, but the WMID of the keeper that is used for signing the request!

In order to change the settings in the way described above, you need corresponding rights set in the Personnel->access rights ( ) section.

Making payments

Funds transfer interface (DoPayment)

Unlike in the classic keeper, whose owner must use XML or HTTPS interfaces for transfer automation (including trust-based), budget automation tools use a different automation mechanism - a web service. Its description can be found on the page.
The <sender_wmid></sender_wmid> parameter - the WMID with keys that will be used for signing the request. This WMID must be included into the personnel of the budget automation tool with a right to make payments from the purse specified in the <from></from> parameter. The rights are granted on the site, in the Budget->access rights ( section.

Funds transfer validation interface

For the purpose specified above, you need to use (only!) the XML interface (Interface X3). Everything written about invoicing and payment validation interfaces (Interface X4) applies to obtaining information about the current balance of purses (Interface X9).

Bear in mind that incoming transfers can only be made to the income purses of budget automation tools!

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