XML-interfaces implementing requirements

XML-interfaces implementing requirements

1 WMID that signs requests must have Personal passport (or higher).

2 WMID should not be suspended or have complaints about it in the Arbitration

3 Access to XML-interfaces can be granted only on the condition of software development experience.

4 Interfaces can be implemented for using in operating mode only.

5 Interfaces can be implemented only after you agree to use "trans\onlyauth = 1" parameter.

6 Your project should fully satisfy the requirements stated below.

General website requirements

1 Website must have a unique and original design, contain competent and clear description of its function.

2 Applications with the websites which are located on free hosting services, will not be processed.

3 Website must be up and running and filled with the necessary content.

4 Website must provide clear information on details and duration of the purchasing and payment process.

5 Your website should not be used to distribute or advertise for goods and services of an illegal, criminal kind, not conforming to the generally accepted ethical and legal regulations. The list of such goods and services is given in Annex .

6 Your website should contain comprehensive contact information, particularly: owner's phone number; e-mail; WM-identifier which accepts payments.

7 The section of the website containing the description of goods and services', sold for WebMoney, as well as purchasing and payment process description, should be in Russian and (or) in English.

8 It is necessary to place on the website the symbolic image, proving that you have a WM-passport (Personal or higher), referring to the passport verification page of Passport Service (e.g.)

Rights and obligations of Administration

1 Application is processed within three working days.

2 Administration reserves the right

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